Enabling Health Professionals To Fight For Health Justice

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Are you ready to take action and learn how to make change, so sociocultural, political and economic systems could work towards people’s health, not against it? 


Learn how Health Equity Action & Reflection Training (HEART) is helping clinicians from all around U.S to take action, learn activism & community organizing skills and make a meaningful impact to stop health inequities and bring health justice

Cohort 1 in spring 2023.

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Do you feel powerless as a clinician seeing the injustices happening in our communities?

How Can We Train And Enable All Healthcare Professionals To Become Health Activists and Community Organizers? 

Healthcare professionals are trained to provide care for the patients, but they are not trained and supported to change the conditions that make our patients ill in the first place. 

Until we see more and more health professionals raising their voice for health equity and justice and doing it with the same focus, skill, and love as we care for our patients, the promise of health and thriving for all will be nothing but a distant dream. 

At People Power Health, we are committed to bringing practices of activism and community organizing to health professionals and developing a community of health activists that can learn from each other and grow over time.

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The solutions that are needed now will require the collective action of

 clinicians and patients working together to leave this healthcare system better than we found it. In order to achieve a more fair vision of tomorrow’s healthcare system we’ve each got to grow in our own abilities as community organizers, and in

 my opinion, there is no better guide for clinicians in understanding what it takes to grow this skill set than the team at People Power Health.

Alister Martin, MD MPP

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Udoji Danjuma Makoshi

My journey with People Power and health started in 2019. I’m mostly an introvert. I have really found it difficult to address the audience or to convince people to buy into my ideas, until I took the courses with People Power and Health, where my life had a change towards becoming better in different ways. I extended my sincere gratitude to the Organizers as well as Dr. Pedja for allowing me to participate in this great project.


Amy Staley, BSN, RN-BC
Staff Nurse

Over the past year, the voice of a nurse has traveled through over 150 countries. I am beyond grateful for the tools provided by People Power Health because due to them, that voice is mine. I find the title “People Power Health'' to be fitting, as it is because of them that I’ve discovered my power.

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