Musa Joshua Aboi

Musa Joshua Aboi is an accomplished Immunization Technical Officer, renowned communication specialist, and seasoned professional teacher with a strong commitment to fostering a safe and healthy environment through the prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases. As a dedicated Boost Community member, Musa has consistently pursued his goal of educating healthcare providers and communities on the most effective strategies for disease prevention effortlessly. His notable successes include honing the skills of healthcare providers in community activation through coaching, relationship building, and adaptive leadership.

Over the past two years, Musa Joshua Aboi has become a Boost champion, playing a pivotal role in the movement to transform attitudes towards vaccination. His achievements in moving individuals and communities from hesitancy to acceptance stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication to public health. With a strong foundation laid through support from the Boost Community and People Power Health platforms, Musa looks forward to contributing even more to the field in the years to come.

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