Sophia Kostelanetz


Sophia Kostelanetz, MD, MPH, is an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics board-certified physician and public health practitioner. Dr. Kostelanetz has experience in national and international health justice work, including with Partners In Health on health systems strengthening and quality improvement in Haiti and West Africa. Dr. Kostelanetz completed an

AHRQ-funded post-doctoral research fellowship focused on health equity and implementation

science at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She has engaged in ongoing organizing work including elimination of race-based medicine nationally, and currently serves as an advisory council member for the New York City Coalition to End Race Corrections in Clinical Algorithms. In 2020, she completed a year-long fellowship at Cambridge Health Alliance Center for Health Equity Education and Advocacy Scholar, where she continues to serve as a coach since 2021. Her contribution to health equity also extends into developing and implementing health equity curriculum, including founding the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Social Medicine Curriculum for Internal Medicine and developing and implementing innovative cross-specialty health equity education funded by the American Medical Association Goals of Life and Learning Delineated Grant. During 2021-2022, Dr. Kostelanetz served at the Tennessee Department of Public Health as a Physician Liaison for Health Equity. Since June 2022, Dr. Kostelanetz has served as a primary care physician and the Health Equity Lead for the Department of Medicine for OBH.

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