We Train and Support Health Professionals To Apply Social Movements Skills In Advancing Health Equity and Justice

  We Scale-Up Practical and Tested Movement-Building Skills Through Trainings and Programs

People Power Health is committed to teaching the practices of popular movements fighting for justice. Our focus is on enabling health professionals with the tools to shift public opinion and organize people at scale. 

The skills and practices that we teach were used by activists across the globe through CANVAS and the Leading Change Network. These practices are not fixed traits or prescriptions but rather frameworks for learning and growing capacity. 


Peer learning is a critical practice that cuts across all of our practices and supports the growth of individual leaders.

We Partner With Effective Health Movement Organizations

In order to build the capacity of social movements and movement leaders, we partner with organizations that are focused on the long-term investment in growing people's power. 

In 2021, we’ve established a partnership with VotER to institute a year-long Civic Health Fellowship. Fellowship was designed to enable the VotER movement to turn effective mobilization (VotER activated over 30.000 health professionals in 2020) into a long-term people power to register people to vote. This completely virtual fellowship was focused on building, developing, and deepening the leadership skills of VotER volunteers for activism and community organizing. 

We Establish Long Term Cohorts and Peer Learning Experiences

People Power Health trains people through 6-12 months fellowships and coaching sessions that empower future health justice movement leaders. These long-term relationships that we establish with healthcare leaders and activists give people much more than just practical skills. It equips them with a new mindset and gives them the courage to act in the face of uncertainty. 

Our Climate Health Organizing Fellowship enables health professionals to address climate change issues in partnership with Cambridge Health Alliance and other national partners. Climate Health Organizing Fellowship is connected to Mothers Out Front leaders and represents another example of a long-term relationship necessary for movement support and capacity building.