Health Justice Community

Who? Leading Change Network (LCN) in partnership with People Power Health.


Statement: With the global pandemic revealing the faultlines and inequities in our societies, it’s clear more than ever that community organizing is a key practice needed in achieving health justice for all. This is why Leading Change Network decided to partner with People Power Health and launch LCN Health Justice Community. 


What is the project about? Health Justice Community will focus on addressing the problems health activists face:

  • lack of training and coaching resources specifically tailored for health issues and campaigns

  • massive institutional resistance within health care systems (providers, clinics experience of isolation and loneliness borne of an ongoing struggle with intractable problems)

  • lack of solidarity between healthcare providers, patients, and communities


Why? The goal is to build a comprehensive and organized Health Justice Guide that will inspire new health activists to embrace community organizing and 5 key leadership practices in their work. Also, to support and enable current health justice organizers to deepen their practice and find relevant resources.

How? Participants collect and categorize existing health-related  community organizing materials (videos, curriculums, articles, books) and develop Cases to demonstrate different uses of Community Organizing in Health. 

When? First Cases are submitted on February 15th 2022 while the whole Health Justice Guide is expected to be finished by April 30th, 2022.