Health Equity Scholars

Who? Center for Health Equity Education and Advocacy (CHEEA) in partnership with People Power Health.


What is the project about? Healthcare professionals play an essential role in creating the structural change needed to build a healthy, sustainable, and equitable future for our patients. Our vision is to develop healthcare leaders across the U.S who are equipped to advocate for health equity and have the knowledge, skills and motivation to create more equitable systems in their organizations, communities and society.


How? Through a uniquely tailored interprofessional program for early and mid-career healthcare professionals working in hospitals, primary care centers and other healthcare institutions. This program aims to provide a year-long, longitudinal curriculum with education, workshops and mentorship from CHEEA faculty and staff. Curriculum includes Health Equity Analysis, Leadership Development and Advocacy Action Project.  


What do we aspire to accomplish? We believe that upon completion of this program, scholars will be able to effectively advocate for health and social justice issues using their improved leadership skills.  They will be able to perform Health Equity Analysis and identify systemic opportunities for action while using Community Organizing skills to engage other people in their advocacy projects. 

Where? The program is tailored to be completely online. It includes an online launch workshop, online bi-monthly sessions, experiential learning and final two days long gathering at the end. This gathering will allow scholars to solidify their relationships, celebrate project successes and generate commitment for future action.