Advanced Training in Community Activation for Immunization Professionals

Who? Sabin and the Boost Network in partnership with People Power Health.


What is the project about? Many immunization professionals struggle to meet ambitious goals for vaccination coverage and uptake. The challenges they face, such as staff turnover, insufficient supervision and complex political systems, stem from issues outside of their day-to-day work. The overall purpose of this course is to develop leadership and to deepen the practice of advocacy and community organizing skills. 


Why? Institutions supporting immunization professionals rarely support capacity building or prioritize community organizing and advocacy training in professional development opportunities. 


How? Through an intensive 14-week action training program, developed by prof. Marshall Ganz, and 4 weeks of independent teamwork to prepare capstone projects. The Fellowship will employ techniques such as experiential learning, bi-weekly live group sessions and bi-weekly small group section meetings to create a learning environment.


What do we aspire to accomplish? At the end of the program, Boost Network members  will be able to recognize and analyze opportunities for advocacy and community organizing within their own work; They will be able to develop a specific community activation strategy to which they can apply leadership practices to promote more equitable vaccination initiatives.


How many participants? This course is designed for 20 participants.